Terms, Copyright and Credit Policies

Terms: Unless special arrangements have been made, we charge $100.00 per hour or $600.00 for a booked 8 hour day with a two hour minimum on all jobs plus expenses. These expenses include, but are not limited to, film, processing, scans, printing, mounting, framing, handling, delivery, transportation, travel expenses and accommodations, special props and/or costumes, studio rental, special equipment rental, location fees, make-up fees and talent fees. It should be noted that, from time to time,  we might provide some or all of these items free or at cost, at our sole discretion, and that provision of said items at a special rate for one shoot does not obligate us to do so for successive shoots. It should also be noted that our hourly rate is "door to door". This means that we charge per hour from the moment we leave our door until the time we get back, unless special arrangements have been made. Payment for photo session is due C.O.D at completion of shoot as well as a percentage of expenses to be determined on a per job basis. Also, the 8 hour day rate does not apply unless booked in advance and requires a scheduling fee of $200. While we try to work around people's time constraints, cancellation or rescheduling within 24 hours of a scheduled session may result in billing for the scheduled time and/or client forfeiture of scheduling fees.

Copyright Policy:Unless special arrangements have been made, AfterImage Photography physically owns all negatives, transparencies and original scans as well as all copyrights for said imagery. When you hire us, you are buying a finished product that is a reflection of our talent and artistic abilities. As such, our reputation is at stake. You reserve the right to use this finished product any way you see fit, as long as it does not infringe on our artistic rights, adversely affect our reputation or threaten our relationship with present or potential clientele.Therefore, this product can not be copied or altered in any way without the express permission of AfterImage Photography. Also, with the only exception being customer proofs, we never print off of the original negative or transparency as all negatives and transparencies are scanned to allow for retouching in the computer before they are printed or displayed publicly. As such, we do not release original scans, negatives or transparencies for independent reproduction that would circumvent our finishing process. In addition, it is forbidden to reproduce off of customer proofs. All imagery purchased by client is delivered in the form of either a retouched electronic file or a finished print from that file. Original scans, negatives, transparencies and copyrights can be purchased under a separate transaction. The price for said purchase is negotiable and will differ from one circumstance to the next. There is no set fee structure for such a purchase.

Credit: Whenever possible, reproductions and publication of photos should be accompanied by the following - "Photo by AfterImage Photography - Houston, Texas". It is understood that certain circumstances might prevail that would preclude giving such credit. It is likewise appreciated when credit is given.

If you have any questions, please contact Roger or Annette Evans at 713-862-3300.
Thanks!   We look forward to working with you!